License email mistake

Hi there,

Just paid for a Kirby license but realized somehow my computer added an extra .com to the end of my email, so I never received the license.

Any suggestions on what to do?


I suggest to contact It might take a day or two more before you get an answer, because @bastianallgeier is on vacation until tomorrow.

Gotcha. Bad timing.

Do you know if I bought a new one if I could get the second one refunded?


If you don’t need the license urgently I’d wait. I can’t really answer this question but we usually have a solution for almost every problem.

Are you about to deploy an important project today? Because you don’t need a license to run Kirby in dev environments. And it won’t suddenly stop working if you deploy to a public server either.

If you know the order ID you can try getting it from if not, its best to wait for Bastian to sort it for you.

Is the order ID shown at checkout?

Im not 100% sure, cant quite remember, but ive got a feeling it is shown during the checkout process. Been a while since I bought one.

“You received your order ID via email.” if you click on that link. Dang.

As @texnixe wrote, please contact Bastian at with the order details you have. He will change the email address for you and send you the license code as soon as possible.

You don’t need to buy a second license, please use your installation without an activated license in the meantime.

Got it. Email sent. Will wait for a response!