The JSON response could not be parsed in Panel

Do you know this problem?

The JSON response could not be parsed

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My hoster is not able to help me. Neither does the debug mode.
It’s 3.9.2 running on PHP 8.1.16. I have the same setups on the same hoster multiple times and it works. I also have a local clone of the site which works fine. What I can say, the frontend is running fine, it’s just the panel. I can click the message away and then I see a half way loaded panel with partly emty fields. I compare the write-read-settings on the content and the blueprint folders with another project. No differences there.

What can I do?

They where able to fix it just right now. Thanks for your feedback anyway. I made a mess with a cronjob for an automatic backup and that stuffed up the RAM. The first guy I had on the phone was apparently not quite fit enough to interpret the logs correctly. And I wasn’t anyway.