Text in comments in blog


this is the way my name “Jörn” is displayed in the comments section of my blog, after the comment is submitted. Bildschirmfoto 5

I use the Kirby Comments Plugin by addpixel.

I know this has something to so with… text encoding? How can I change this?

Does this only happen in comments or with other text fields as well?

No, only in comments. And only when the comment is submitted and then when you go back, not in preview.

Try it yourself?


Can it be an issue with http/1 and http/2?

I changed the whole site to http/2 but the not the blog (missed it or screwed it up. Wanna do that asap).

The plugin encodes the html entities.

You can reverse it by using the entity_decode function when you echo the encoded string. You’d need to replace this line, with :

<?= html_entity_decode($comment->name()) ?>

Yes! Wow. Works!

Merci beaucoup!

Just edited with the proper “reverse function”, as the one used to encode the name is htmlentities() and not htmlspecialchars(). But both would work.

So its corrected in a new version or future version of the plugin? Then I would maybe update my plugin.

I don’t know if not decoding them was intentional, I made a pull request and you’ll have your answer when the plugin’s author sees it. :wink:

(edit : will be fixed by the author in a cleaner way, keep an eye on the repo)

Hi, I’m the author of the comments plugin. This behavior has been fixed in the latest release. You can pull the repository or download the latest release directly. Simply replace your local version with the new version.

If you have old comments still displaying incorrectly you have to edit the comment’s page and replace the &ouml; with ö manually. Sorry :pensive:

Thanks to @sylvainjule for helping me find the bug.


Yeah, I did that :))

Sorry to bother you with more questions:

I tried to get email notifications when a new comment is posted, but I failed.

Into my config.php file I had put this:

c::set('comments.email.to', array('my@email.de'));

But it didn’t work.

Wrong syntax?

Edit: No, just my own confusion. It works exactly like described in “Usage”.