Problem with nested comments / Kirby Comments Plugin

hey forum…
i have a little problem with the nesting feature of the great kirby “comments plugin” from @florianpircher: i can’t get it to work properly… i used the example-snippet from this site and every time i try to reply on a test-comment, it creates a new comment instead of a nested one.
i think the solution to this is relatively simple, but i‘m stuck… :frowning:

Hi! Thank you for using Kirby Comments. :slight_smile:

Could you please share the part of your sites config.php with the Kirby Comments options?

thanks for your quick reply!

the only thing i define in the config.php is the following:

// Customize the title of the comments page
c::set('comments.pages.comments.title', function ($page) {
  return 'Kommentare zu „' . $page->title() . '“';

The demo uses a custom field for storing the reply-id. Add this code to your config.php:

c::set('comments.custom-fields', array(
	array('name' => 'reply-to')

… and try again.

thanks! now it works like a charm.

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Great! I will add the code to the demo page. Sorry for not including it in the download.