Tablex some possible improvements for changes to the table

If you are the developer of Tablex. It would be nice if I could set column deletes to throw a Confirmation Box on delete. Also if changes are made it doesn’t warn the person that they need to save.

I was trying some script haven’t got it to work yet.

Anybody have any other solutions that would be great.

    var answer=confirm('Do you want to delete?');

Hello bbarclay,
i sort of wanted to have modal confirmation but honestly i was lazy to learn how the jquery in the panel works (how frontend in panel works is not documented).

The whole tablex field is basically completely circumventing the way fields work in kirby (jquery) it loads vue.js and its own css. It was for me much easier to do it this way but it is not proper or “good” way.

In theory it should be fairly straightforward to use jquery modal if you know how kirby jquery modals work. You should just get the vue instance and delete the data on the instance and the ui rerenders. But like i said it was not worth it for my usecase.

Don’t be sad though! Kirby 3 is coming with new panel written (accidentally) in Vuejs and i plan to make tablex for, make it better and solve common problems like confirmation delete. I just don’t feel like putting much more time in tablex for kirby 2 now since in half year i won’t be using it anymore.