Kirby Editor table block - delete row

Hi! I am trying to extend example Table block for Kirby Editor and I got stuck at the very beginning. I wanted to add a button to delete a row. Because it should be similar to deleting columns (which is the functionality built in the block), I did two things in index.js file:

  1. added deleteRow() method (basically just edited deleteColumn() method):

     deleteRow(index) {
       this.rows.splice(index, 1);
       this.columns.forEach(column => {
         this.$delete(column, index);
  2. created a button in each table row

    <k-button icon="trash" @click="deleteRow(rowIndex)" />

Now, no matter in which row I click the button, the last row is removed. Only after I save the page, the removed row returns and the right row is deleted.

Maybe I missed some important part to add or edit?

Did you ever find a solution for this? :thinking:

Unfortunately not