Kirby Table Editor (snippet)

Kirby - Table

Kirby - Table

Version 1.0.0 - 2016-07-16

  • Initial Public Offering.

What is it?

Kirby - Table is a snippetfield for creating tables (cells) in Kirby.

It uses the excellent Kirby Snippetfield from as it’s core-engine - and can’t do without.


Like all fields, the Snippetfield must be placed in /site/fields/ (a placeholder is allready created).


This Table Snippet is not an “out of the box solution” for everyone; it just shows the power of the Snippetfield in combination with Kirby.

Once you have unzipped both the table-assets and the snippetfield-assets, you can navigate to

A (very) rudimentary table is displayed on that, basic, page.

This table can be filled from the panel (just navigate to the table page) and is powered by both the /blueprints/table.yml and the /snippets/panel/table.php snippet.

The page itself is rendered by /templates/table.php - examine all those field, change them were you want and get of and running.

Remember; you have to define the *maximum used cells in your table at least once (in the first visibile cell). The best thing is to draw the table first (pen and paper…), and count the maximum used cells on a row (this is the number that must be entered at least in the first cell).

This number is (also) used to preview the (relative) width of every cell and create the according colspan tag.

Rows are automatically created, when a row is “full” and both thead and tfooter are not supported (to keep things simple).

Each cell can have it’s own #ID and .classname (which can be usefull for responsive behaviour) - the example does not use this, 'though.


  1. Create cells on the fly.
  2. Unlimited rows, one table per field (you can create extra fields).
  3. Set / change / modify the colspan for every cell.
  4. A cell can contain, but is not limited to, textarea’s / images / lists / etc…
  5. Re-arrange the order of all rows / cells (as long as the rows are completely filled).

Kirby - Table

Kirby Table - create your table on the fly.