Kirby-Tablex alternative for Kirby 3

Hi! I have been looking for an alternative to kirby-tablex plugin (kirby-tablex is not compatible with Kirby 3 at the moment). I´m starting a new project with Kirby 3 and I would like to include the option to create tables in the panel. I know about structure field, but that does not allow me to dynamically add/remove columns. Does anyone have any suggestion, please?

Haven’t seen an alternative yet. I just saw you have already been in contact with the plugin dev, so no hope from that side for the moment.

While you wait for the plugin to be ported to Kirby 3 (although the repo does say there are no plans to do so), I have a work around for you. I use a command line tool that converts Excel to Markdown. Its pretty powerful. At least for the minute you can edit your table within Excel and drop the markdown into a Kirby Textarea.

Thanks for your suggestion! Unfortunately this solutions does not fit my needs… I wanted the client to be able to add custom tables in the panel.

I think for now I will create a few custom blocks (use kirby-builder), each including structure field with predefined number of columns. Not as flexible, but better than nothing.