Looking for editable tables

I have a kirby3 project, and I need to add some editable tables,
which have different cols and rows as well as different headings.

I would like to make it with md but that is not user friendly for the end users.
How can this be solved at best? I couldn’t find CKEditor or some alternative for K3

I needed something like that a few months ago, see this topic. Eventually I created custom blocks for each type of table (with Kirby-Builder). Unfortunately, this is not really a flexible solution…

I’ve run into this, and do miss the table plugin for Kirby 2 that rendered tables from a spreadsheet via a kirbytag. Althouh not editable inside the panel, you can atleast do it in the excel and upload.

Ive got around this by using this website… https://www.tablesgenerator.com/markdown_tables

You can past into it from a spread sheet, and it will turn it into a markdown table. You can then paste that into the panel.

Probably not great for clients, but i do find this cli tool very useful as well.

If the table structure is defined, so that no new columns have to be added, a structure field or the builder field would indeed be a good solution.

Otherwise, if there is interest in including tables from Excel sheets/csv data, I could update the plugin for K3.


I guess a CSV Upload could be an alternative.