Synchronise users between kirby and local discourse forum?

I am looking for a Q&A or forum solution for my kirby site. I think discourse is the prettiest and most modern solution out there. I know that, i.e. this forum, is running on it.

My question concerns the user accounts on a local installation of discourse. Is there a way to synchronize the accounts so that my visitors don’t have to create separate user accounts for my website and the forum?
Are you doing this with, and if so, how?

As you have been using discourse for a while now, I hope that this is an easy question to answer for the kirby team.
Kind regards and thanks in advance,

We are not running a self-hosted version of Discourse but are using their service. And the website doesn’t use the Panel, so there are no users.

Thank you for your answer. After I posted the question I realized that this may be the case. I thought it worth asking, however, to find out for sure. It doesn’t solve my problem, but it does answer my question as far as I am concerned.
I have moved the issue to the solved category.

Discourse provides a Single Sign On flow that allows to handle the authentication externally. You could integrate this with a custom Kirby plugin that receives that SSO request, displays and handles a login form and redirects back to Discourse. I don’t think anyone has built such a plugin yet though.