Stuck with blueprints and filesystem structure

I am using Kirby to help me manage, keep record of and draft bills. Additionally I manage my CV and project list via Kirby, too.

The file structure in content looks sth like this (abbreviated):


What I‘d like to achieve in the Panel is:

  1. Do not display any of these pages anywhere.
  2. Ideally, on Site level, create a tab where I can access the CV and Project list pages to edit them.
  3. Ideally, on Site level, have another tab to access the bills.

I thought I was on the right track, but for the live of me I cannot figure it out.

Maybe my structure is to complicated? Any comments and help is very much appreciated.

Can you show us the blue print code you are trying?

But to answer the question, you can set the tabs up and then use pages sections in each one with the parent option set to the corresponding subsection you want to display.

You can set the pages you dont want to show as unlisted status, and set the pages section to show only listed pages. I hope I understood what you trying to do there.

Did you manually create those files and folders or use the panel? I ask because i wouldnt expect a default.txt file at the top level. Thats usually where site.txt is.

I agree with @jimbobrjames that’s the way to go forward. The part I don’t understand is achievement 1:

I am inching my way towards … something better :slight_smile:

Really, I hate YAML. Of course the different bill sections have to have different names. Dang.

To answer your questions:

  • The directory tree I posted above resided under /content.
  • Not display the pages: Most of all, I do not want plain (which is an empty directory) to show up in any pages-section. Guess a collection would help here?

Thanks @jimbobrjames and @texnixe! I have the bill part working as intended.

I am struggling with the CV and project list part.

As you can see from the directory listing above, both are files under plain. Their parent is site.find("/plain").

Question: Via /site/blueprints/site.yml, how can I directly access/edit these files in tabs?

Guess I have to screencast this :slight_smile: It‘s still pretty difficult for me to use the right jargon …

In a new tab, you can set up a pages section and set the parent of these pages section the parent of the children you want to show. So if you want to show the projectlist page and the CV page, set the parent to site.find('plain').

Inching ever closer :slight_smile: Thank you.

Now, can we immediately edit the content of any page in a tab in site.yml? Meaning: Click on the tab, see content and make changes.

Do I make sense at all?

No, a page section is only a list of pages. When you click on a page in that list, you are redirected to that page where you can then edit the form. If you want to edit the page content inside the tab, you would have to develop a custom solution.

Or you put the fields for those pages into site.yml and store it there, and then your page content remains empty and you pull in the stuff for those pages from site.txt. It’s an option, but I wouldn’t do that.

Ah, dang. Understood. Thank you, as always, Sonja!

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