Smartypants not applied when using just ->kirbytext()

I have Smartypants active in config.php

  'smartypants' => [
    ''  => '„',
    'doublequote.close' => '“',

When trying to output text in a template

<?= $page->text()->kirbytext() ?>

it still shows up with straight double-quotes.

When using

<?= $page->text()->smartypants() ?>

it works as expected but breaks KirbyTags evaluation. According to the documentation, using ->kirbytext() should work as well.

When I chain both

<?= $page->text()->smartypants()->kirbytext() ?>

it works.

Is this expected behavior?

No, calling kirbytext() should also apply smartypants:

See kirby/App.php at 481349feff0248fbb37419c6fd844f83496f129d · getkirby/kirby · GitHub

Thanks for confirming. How do you suggest I debug this issue?

Are you using the latest Kirby version? Can you verify the issue in a fresh Starterkit?

I wasn’t able to reproduce the behavior with a fresh starter kit. I tracked this down to my plugin setting custom tags. Some inline HTML code apparently broke proper rendering without any error output. As soon as I removed the offending piece of HTML, it immediately worked as expected.

Thanks again for confirming the expected behavior, this helped me avoid pursuing irrelevant leads.