Feature Request: smartypants()

Sometimes it would be useful to run a string of text through Smartypants, without having to use kirbytext().

For example, if I have this in a content file…

Title: I've Got "Quotes"

…it’s currently pretty difficult to output this:

<h1>I’ve Got “Quotes”</h1>

If I just use $page->title(), it outputs dumb quotes. If I use $page->title()->kirbytext(), it uses smart quotes, but wraps the text in paragraph tags:

<h1><p>I’ve Got “Quotes”</p></h1>

This is what I wish worked: $page->title()->smartypants().

You could use the KirbtextRaw plugin which strips the p tags.

You can use the smartypants() helper:

echo smartypants($page->title());

Perfect, thanks @texnixe!