Smartypants and custom replacements

Following the documentation I added the following rules to my config to get German quotes using Smartypants:

return [
    'smartypants' => [
        '' => '„',
        'doublequote.close' => '“',
        '' => '‚',
        'singlequote.close' => '‘'

And while using $page->title()->smartypants() applies transformations, it still uses the default English quotes.

Is there anyting I might have missed?
I’m using Kirby 3.4.

Is that in a multi-language site or just standard installation with no languages defined?

Ah, sorry, forgot about that: it’s a standard installation without language definitions.

Hm, yes, I can reproduce this issue. Either the implementation has changed or this is a bug.

Thanks for testing. I’ll post a bug report.