Smartypants not working

I’m having problems getting smartypants to work. My tests so far have been around single and double quotes converting from straight to curly – they stay straight. I’ve added ‘c::set(‘smartypants’, true);’ to the config file but no change; i’ve changed the defaults in kirby.php in case config wasn’t being read but still get straight quotes. If I use <?php echo kirbytext(SmartyPants($page->text())) ?> in a template it does convert so I know SmartyPants is loaded and working but it never fires when calling just the kirbytext tag. Also tried removing the ‘if’ statements around it in kirbytext.php but this also made no difference. Any ideas? Thanks.

update: problem seems to be only around double straight quotes to curly. single quote seems ok

Me too in any combination of " and ```.

And in statify.php from @bastianallgeier

Is this problem still present with the Kirby 2.1 beta?

This issue seems to be resolved in the 2.1 beta. Thanks!