SimpleMDE plugin issues in kibry 2.5.8 making panel field super wide

i found a bug… im using kirby version 2.5.8

When SimpleMDE field is on, it makes the whole edit area super wide.

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I also use the SimpleMDE field with Kirby 2.5.8 but I can’t reproduce your issue. What other plugins/fields do you have in this blueprint? Could you paste the blueprint content here?


i found it… if i add long text in textarea.

try this

<iframe src="!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d3316.375740032557!2d151.05140795051838!3d-33.77679398058708!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x6b12a405e7c99613%3A0xa2c479e698c86a74!2sCarlingford+Chiropractic+Centre!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sau!4v1508907657756" width="100%" height="488" frameborder="0" style="border:0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I think this is a similar issue to that one:

Could you try the panel.css fix?

I tested it by adding the following to my panel.css:

.form > fieldset {
  min-width: 0;

This works and the field will no longer be super wide.

I’m afraid I can’t really fix this issue with my plugin. There is a pull request by @lukaskleinschmidt fixing the panel issue. But I don’t have any information about the reasons why it hasn’t been merged.

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@texnixe @bastianallgeier some of us are watching this thread with great interest - I’ve just replaced Enhanced Textarea with SimpleMDE in all my projects… :flushed:

Hm, I don’t have an answer to why nothing has happened since the PR was added to the 2.5 milestone almost a year ago…:thinking: Wondering why the minified js files have been changed?

that one works too @thguenther

 body.ltr .field-grid {
   min-width: 0px;


I added a comment in the GitHub issue. :slight_smile:

Probably the commit that @lukaskleinschmidt based his PR on didn’t have properly compiled JS so another change got included in the PR. But that’s alright, we’d need to merge this PR manually anyway because of the merge conflicts in the other build files.