Width: for field completely scrambles panel


I’ve just started using Kirby, and I’m already stuck.

I have changed the blueprint from baseblog a bit, as seen on the Notepad++ window to the right. Everything’s fine.

(I would have included a picture here, but I’m not allowed to – it’s the same blueprint as in the picture below, only without “width: 1/2”, and all fields can be seen and edited in the panel)

Now I’m adding “width: 1/2” to the “Language” field, and the panel layout is broken. Especially since the article text is nowhere to be seen anymore.

Do you have any ideas how to fix this?

Have you tried to log out and in again and clear the browser cache?

I can’t see anything obviously wrong with this blueprint.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t help.

Please check if you are mixing tabs with spaces in your blueprint (enable showing hidden characters in your editor); make sure to only use spaces.

Enable debugging in your config.php as well:

c::set('debug', true);

It seems there were some tabs in there. Working now.