Kirby 3 Panel blueprint issues

Hi there !

I am having strange issues with the panel on a local MAMP installation.

Changing the blueprints doesn’t have any affect on the layout in the panel.

I restarted the server and logged out and in again, but the changes don’t have any effect.

Is there an internal caching system I don’t know about - regarding the panel?

Hope someone had the same issue and came up with an answer.


Are you sure its not an uncaught error in your blueprint file? Maybe you can share your code here so someone can take a look.

It was an old kirby2 blueprint, and the bgcolor field was of type color - I changed it to text, but in the panel the error still occurs: Invalid field type (“color”)

The other fields are not showing up.

Are you using the latest Kirby release (3.0.3)?

Yes - installation via composer - V3.0.3

When I remove the pages and make new ones the new blueprint is taken, but for previously generated files the panel is not taking the changed blueprint.

Try to remove all session data from site/sessions, maybe that helps.

Cleared all Sessions - no change

Funny, I will remove all old content, but I am a bit afraid of migrating others sites to kirby 3 :-0

Hm, I migrated a project myself that had some custom fields; and the only problem I had was differently stored data, but not with field types not updating.

ok - after some testing and deleting stuff in the blueprint I end up with:

Cannot use a scalar value as an array

I think I really start from point zero :wink:

Thank you all!

Check if there is anything weird with your blueprint indentation (mixed spaces and tabs). Or if there are any hidden characters in your blueprint.