­ in heading block issue

I have added a layout to one of my templates.
Adding a $shy; in a heading block results in it getting outputted in the frontend.
By getting printed out it doesnt work/break when necessary.
What am I missing out on here?
When I add a shybreak in a regular field (type: text) it works as intended.
I have not altered the heading block.

Thanks in advance.

This happens because the ampersand in ­ is stored as & in the content file. I currently have no idea how to prevent that. One thing you can certainly do is to overwrite the headline snippet and replace the wrong string with the right string in the output.

You could use the actual soft hyphen character in your headline instead of ­:

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That worked! Thanks.
The only downside is that it is invisible in the panel.
I might bite the bullet and add custom heading blocks without the wysiwyg editor in the panel.