Line break in heading block?

is it possible, to insert a line break in den heading block field without being rendered as html tag?
Thanks for your help!

I’m afraid I don’t really understand the question. As what do you want the line break to render if not as HTML tag?

Thanks for the quick reply!
I want to add a line break in my headline.

Ok, in your original text you were talking about the blocks field, not a text field.

The reason why this happens is because the headline is rendered using the html() method. If you just output the field with $page->headline() this shouldn’t happen (although it’s safer to use html()).

you could also replace the text field in the blueprint with a writer field for a visual rendering of line breaks, without needing to add the <br> tag manually.

set the inline option as well so <p> tags won’t be rendered around the output, and follow @pixelijn s suggestion to use $page->headline()->text() instead of $page->headline()->html() and you’re good to go!