Soft Hyphens inside Writer field

Hey all

is there a good way to get softhypens inside a writer field working?
I just put ­ everywhere in texts.
Every other field with ->kt() or ->smartypants() seems to work just the writer does not.

thank you for another helpfull hint

Found out that ­ is working on text and textarea fields if the output is kt() but it is not working on writer fields.

You can also use the soft hyphen character directly: ­ U+00AD SOFT HYPHEN - Unicode Explorer
However, calling it hard to see would be an understatement. It’s completely invisible.

Using Kirbytext for Writer fields is not recommended because of possible unwanted Markdown formatting that’s invisible in the backend. What I do in projects is create a custom field method that (among other things) converts (-) to soft hyphens.

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Thank you very much!
That was the hint i needed. It works perfectly with the field method.
i think this is a very elegant way.