"shadow" translation still used after translate:false set in blueprint

I have a blueprint with many items already created where fields were set as “translated: false” (note the typo) which lead to dozens of posts created by editors with wrongly translated fields created in txt files (band.fr.txt, band.en.txt, band.de.txt). Once fixed the typo to “translate: false”, the items are properly showing in panel with a couple translated fields and all others greyed out but when outputting content on frontend it’s still the “shadow”, “uneditable” translations that are output and not the primary language used as source. I only can fix this by manually going and removing the fields in translated txt files. Shouldn’t a field return the primary language at all time if set to “translate: false” even if there is a translated version stored?

Kirby doesn’t read the blueprint files when outputting data for performance reasons. That’s why you would have to update the content files. If it affects many files, a little script would be more efficient than manually updating all files, though.

Oh ok. Well that makes sense, but it’s not a particularly useful solution as I have often clients changing their mind on translated/non-translated fields (the joy of having 3 official languages in switzerland :slight_smile: ) so can’t afford writing scripts every time.

What would be ideal would be to “clean” the field structure against the current blueprint directly from the panel. I guess it’s too niche of a use-case to be in the Kirby core but maybe as a plugin can be useful.

Well, a script such as this one Cleaning up content files | Kirby CMS could well be adapted to your use case and then run from the Panel using the janitor plugins, for example (but do your clients really update their blueprints by themselves? If not, then it doesn’t really make sense if they have such a button).

Ah no no i’m the only one touching blueprints, but then i rather myself have a one-click button than fiddling with scripts on any change… Ok i’ll be looking into these solutions.