Server throws "Template Not Found" error, but exact same template works fine locally

The title says the gist of it, but here’s what’s going on.

Using Kirby V2– I started this last june and couldnt get it to update smoothly to v3 when it was released.

I’ve been developing my site locally and then uploading my server. My site is structured like this–

  • Home Page (shows items from the article template)
    ** Article Item
  • Feed page (shows items from the feed item template)
    ** Feed Item

Both of these pages link to individual item pages for. The article template is working fine both on local & remote, but the feed item template (which is almost a copy/paste of the article template, just under a different page) works fine on local but not on remote.

So while http://localhost:123/ works totally fine, is throwing a debugger error, " Exception:
The template could not be found"

Locally I’m using MAMP, and my server is (I believe) using Apache.

Any ideas why this would work locally and not remote, and what I need to do to fix it??

Have you copied the default template to the server?

Ah nope no default.php, but I didn’t have that locally either. Which gets one step closer to figuring out the root problem, I guess! Adding default.php to /templates gets rid of the error, but that’s not the template it’s supposed to be using.

Narrowing down the question, is there any reason why feedItem.php would be honored as a template locally but not on remote?

Because filenames should only ever be lowercase, some OS are case sensitive, so the correct template for feeditem.txt will not be found and Kirby will fall back to the default template which is then missing and there’s nothing to render your page.

The default.php template shouldn’t be removed, anyway.

Oh! That makes sense and immediately fixed it, thank you so much!