I can't see articles page

I have a problem that has been occurring for a few days and I don’t understand why.

Locally everything is okay, but online it doesn’t work.

I have a blog.php template with the code that displays the list of articles. In the articles folder, I have a blog.txt file. I have a blog.php file in the controller.

Online, in the /articles/ section, it shows me the template of the default.php page.

All the other pages work.

I use kirbty 4.1.2

Is the blog.php template missing in the templates folder on the live server? is the filename in lower case? Most servers are case sensitive.

I almost found a solution by chance.

If I rename the folder from 1_articles to anything else, it works. (For example, 1_articlesb or 2_articles). However, I see the menu item for articles twice, one takes me to /articles (which doesn’t exist) and one to (articlesb), where everything works correctly.

(I hope I’ve explained myself well)

Please post a screenshot of the filesystem in the content folder on your server, ideally with content files inside visible

Ok, I get it.

With your suggestion to post a screenshot, I found the problem. I don’t know why, but there was a folder named 1_articles on the server containing the file default.txt.

I hadn’t noticed it. I didn’t think to check the folders on the server; I was looking at the folders on my computer and then uploading them online, through GitHub (my server would fetch the repo and sync it, but for some reason, it didn’t consider that 1_articles folder).

Thank you very much.

(Perhaps the synchronization issue was due to some incorrect configuration with the kirby version plugin, which I have now removed for the time being)