Blog Cookbook and panel

Hello all,

I am trying to follow the blog cookbook and I can’t:

A get the sample articles to load: (tried .html and .php as well)
Get the blog templates to show up in panel.

Not sure where I went wrong. I make it 4_blog since 3_about exist in v3. I also edited site.yml and added blog.

There is my repo, any help much appreciated

Rename three directories:

  • article1 to 1_article1
  • article2 to 2_article2
  • article3 to 3_article3

without this, they are unlisted (hidden) pages!

But you have to add a menu for these pages or some links on the blog page!
Or like on the notes page (look in the notes template “site/templates/notes.php”).

Please look in the Kirby docs, e.g. at or at for details.

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Thank you so much!!

I am now able to load the blog post (probably could before but did not get the url structure correct).

Yet I am still not showing the menu of articles

Or see it in the panel. I will keep playing after breakfast. thanks for the help @anon77445132

      notes: sections/notes
        type: pages
        create: default
          - about
          - home
          - default
          - Blog

Blog should probably be blog, not upper case

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Thank you I was going back and forth and trying different cases before checking forums and I must have missed one.

Please if anyone is on the clock my queries can wait until the work week, Enjoy your Sunday.

And if folks juts volunteering as community contributors thank you all!!!

The blog is showing the articles alright now? At least what I just downloaded from GitHub…

You still have to fix your menu though, because it is linking the htmlfiles…

It was an FTP error, I had deleted some critical files in Site on update…

…Make me happy I am not losing my mind but also then makes me wonder if I am losing my mind by not catching the error.


Going to mark this as solved. I was able to build the pages, post the articles and run them through a microformats parser with pleasent results.

Huge h/t to @texnixe and @anon77445132 for help