Menu snippet doesn't recognize "blog' template

Created a blog.php template and stored in site/templates folder. The menu snippet results indicate that the ‘blog’ page I created, is actually using a ‘default’ page, rather than the blog template I created. This is my first attempt at using Kirby. What are the components required to create a blog page within Kirby? Want NEWS in the menu/nav to point to a page containing individual ARTICLES

<?php if ($p->hasChildren() && ($p->template() != 'blog') ) { ?>


  1. Make sure you’re selecting the correct template, you do this when you’re creating the new page but you can edit it after the fact also.

My template for “blog posts” is called article.

Something like this?

Give a look at the new kirby cookbook it has a lot of solutions. Including one how to make a blog! It’s a pretty good guide and after a bit of tweaking I got a nice working solution.

Check it out here

Thank you so much for replying. Menu has a page called COMPANY with a submenu item Blog. I created the blog template with code below.

<?php snippet('header') ?>
<?php snippet('menu') ?>
  <main class="main" role="main">
  <?php echo 'not getting here' ?>
  <?php foreach($page->children() as $article): ?>
  <h1><?php echo html($article->title()) ?></h1>
  <time><?php echo $article->date('d/m/Y') ?></time>
  <?php echo kirbytext($article->intro()) ?></p>
  <a href="<?php echo $article->url() ?>">Read more…</a>
  <?php endforeach ?>
<?php snippet('footer') ?>

I selected the blog template when creating the blog page in the panel. The content folder suggests a folder named ‘blog’ containing 3 articles which contain a few fields like date, title etc.
When I echo the template being used from the navigation loop to test, it shows the template being used to be default, not blog, which is causing a failure of execution of the blog article loop I believe?
I will definitely go to the cookbook!

Does the blog folder contain a file called blog.txt? The filename of the content files and the template files must match.

Used cookbook thank you. Rather than letting the loop do the work I was adding articles to the blog page.