New User Help Needed

I used the starterkit as my initial site. That works well.

Next I tried using the Cook-Book to create a “Blog”. I am a “less than” novice coder, I used cut a paste to create the templates, txt, php and yml files. I can see the panel for editing blog posts, but when I go to top level of panel I do not see Blog section listed. I need to go to the URL http://domain/blog.

How do I get this on the top level of the site panel?

What is visible in the top page (the site), is defined in /site/blueprints/site.yml.

Currently, it looks like this:

title: Site

  - width: 1/2
      albums: sections/albums
  - width: 1/2
      notes: sections/notes
        type: pages
        create: default
          - about
          - home
          - default

As you can see here, the template in the last section (pages), is limited to about, 'homeanddefault, so the blog page with theblogtemplate will not show up, you have to add theblog` template to the list first. Or ideally, create a separate section for the blog.

Thank you, that did the trick. Kirby is fun.

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This helped me as well, could not figure what I was doing wrong.

@texnixe may want to consider adding this last step to the blog template sample.