Blueprints for parent pages

I’m just getting started with Kirby and so far I’m loving it. There’s only one thing I can’t seem to get done and I can’t find it in the docs either. I created a blog.yml and a post.yml blueprint. The first serves as the blueprint for the parent (blog), the second is for the children (posts). The blog.yml blueprint looks like this:

title: Posts
  template: post
files: false
    label: Title
    type:  text
    label: Subtitle
    type:  text
    label: Description
    type:  textarea

Now if I create a new root level page, how can I make the blog blueprint appear in the template dropdown? Currently it’s disabled and the selected value is the default blueprint:

The settings for the first level of pages is defined in site.yml (or site.php). The default setting in the starterkit is set to the default template.

When I started with Kirby, I had this problem, too. It’s a question that is asked over and over again. I think it would be better, if the starterkit would use …

pages: true

in site.yml blueprint, which would allow all page types to be added to the root level by default.

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@flokosiol Yes, I agree absolutely. I’ll create an issue on GitHub.

Edit: There is already an issue on GitHub:


Ok, I feel a bit stupid now. :blush:
Can’t believe I didn’t even look that far, because it just should be that way.

I agree though that including this in the starter kit would make it easier.
And it’s hard to locate this information in the docs as well…

No need to feel bad. Sometimes it’s not so easy to know where to look for stuff if you’re just getting started. You can always ask here if you get stuck, that’s what we are here for :slight_smile:

Thanks! I already feel at home in the Kirby community. :wink: This is what I have been looking for the past few years now. I’m really done with WordPress (or is it WordMess :mask:) and Kirby really is in line with my point of view as well.

Thanks for your time!


(and some more characters to make it 20 …)