Questions for `site.yml`

To learn more how to build the new blueprints in Kirby 3, I started to update the Starterkit 2.5.12 to Kirby 3.x (using Kirby version “3.1.0-rc.1” at the moment and following How to upgrade from Kirby 2).

My site.yml looks like this (I want to show all types of page status in ONE structure on the left side, like it is in Kirby 2.x):

title: Website
  - width: 1/3
        headline: Pages
        type: pages
        status: all # is default
##        templates:
##          - default
##          - news
  - width: 2/3
        label: Description
        type: textarea
        label: Copyright
        type: textarea

1. If I delete the “##” three times, all pages disapear in the panel on the left and I can read:

“No pages yet”

This is not my intended behavior. I only want to restrict the templates for new subpages.

2. And I have another problem on pages of the first level (pages: Home, Projects, Blog, About and Contact).
If I’m e.g. on the “blog” page in the panel ( :
I have no working navigation between these pages (siblings), which should look like working arrows (black, not grey).
For me it should be ignored whether the pages have the same or a different blueprint and the same or a different status.

Any help is appreciated.

I agree with you, but it seems there were user who preferred it this way.

As regards question 1, the template option defines what pages are displayed (and allowed to upload). If you want to restrict upload to other templates than the one allowed to be displayed, there is the createoption.

  - default
  - news
  - project
  - whatever
  - default
  - whatever

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Regarding the navigation, here is the corresponding issue on GitHub:

There is an ideas repo where you can post your feature requests.