SEO for Kirby URL params depending site

Hi everyone I have a question on how to optimize a site that uses the Kirby URL Params for Search Engines.

The site uses URL params for loading the content on the home page, for example:

But when I google “south plug alan licht” the blog doesn’t appear at all, instead it shows the homepage.

I don’t know what i might be doing wrong, any general idea would help me


That’s an interesting topic. I often use Kirby Params myself. Most of the time I use them for filters/categories/tags and not actual pages though. Sometimes Google indexes them, other times they are missing.

Things I noticed on your site:

If I disable JavaScript, a blog article is identical to the home page. You also don’t change the <title> tag. That probably doesn’t help SEO:

Searching for in Google does actually include blog articles, they are just further back:

Thanks! I fixed the title tag hoping that could help the post ranking on google.