Search best websites to learn php

Hello again,

there are so many websites to learn php and so on but which is really good for newby’s like me?

Apart from lots and lots of free websites regarding PHP tutorials, there are some paid services like Treehouse that I think are pretty easy to follow and well made.

Overall I think it’s the best to just try some projects and have sites like StackOverflow open in a tab. Trial and error, it worked for me :slight_smile:

That probably depends on what your are looking for. Do you prefer videos? Or text based tutorials? Do you want to learn by doing?

But actually it is more fun to actually try to build something and do it the trial and error way. It works for me as well.

I would recommend two resources for beginners:

Both resources are up to date and follow best practices.

I’ll add PHP the right way which is not exactly a place where to learn but is a really nice reference on almost any PHP related topic and also the official PHP site is a good one to have saved in the prefs.

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Yeah, I agree that PHP the right way is a good reference, but not really made for beginners. Also the official manual is hard to come to terms with when you are just starting out. Both links should definitely be in a list of PHP resources, but rather for more advanced developers as reference material.

Thx @texnixe, @thguenther, @manuelmoreale and @pedroborges

First I prefer a mix of videos and reading. I like both and learn with this mix really good.

Second, I will look at all your suggested websites in the next days.

I love the work with Kirby but actually without a really understanding what I do. I want to change this and will learn more about php and so on.

So, when someone has more good sites then I’m happy to read them.

P.S.: Next week I will write something about the working process of my website.