Resource for Learning Toolkit API


i am new to Kirby.
Is there a resource for learning toolkit api for beginners (tutorials, commented code examples e.g.)?
I don’t know much about PHP.

The toolkit API is not very well documented at the moment, I’m afraid. Usually, if you work with Kirby, the Kirby methods are sufficient for many use cases, and they are documented in the cheat sheet with examples.

Okay, maybe then i don’t understand the Kirby methods and how to use them in my templates.:confused:
Is there a basic tutorial?
Should i learn PHP first?

It is certainly helpful to have a basic understanding of PHP, especially loops and if-statements, using variables, and data types (strings, arrays etc.), but quite a few people have learned PHP by using Kirby.

As regards the docs, there are always introductory chapters in each section, e.g. “Your first template”. And there is also the Solution section, which are step by step instruction on how to achieve a particular goal. These cover the most basic use cases.

If you read through the docs, you should get on track quite quickly.

For the rest, if you have specific questions, the community is here to help.

A good start is also the Starterkit. If you browse through the content files and the templates, try to understand what each part does. That should also give you a pretty good understanding.

The most important thing is to turn on debugging in your config.php to get hints on what might be wrong with your code:

c::set('debug', true);

Ok, thank you very much, texnixe!
I will keep on trying.
For me everything beyond “<?php echo $page->textfield() ?>” is difficult to understand at the moment, but it is a starting point.

hi, how can i help you ? let start with a problem and i show you how?