Retour - Advanced redirects and error tracking for Kirby 3

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Add a Panel view where you can manage advanced redirections and error tracking based on rules supporting wildcards and HTTP status codes. Make sure to take your visitors where they are heading.

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This plugin is completely free and published under the MIT license. However, if you are using it in a commercial project and want to help me keep up with maintenance, please consider making a donation of your choice or purchasing your Kirby license(s) through my affiliate link.



Will this plugin provide a way to redirect 403 error to some page, and 404 to another? For know in kirby, all errors are redirected to the error page.

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There is currently no support for this. I would need to look into whether the plugin could catch those calls before Kirby deals with them. Feel free to open a GItHub issue as feature request:

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done, thanks!

(btw, Post must be at least 20 characters :wink: )

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404 tracking will be amazing! Thanks

Beta 2 released

I just released a second beta version. I don’t want to put more features into a before the final 1.0 release, but have a few ideas for 1.x. Until the release I’ll of course will fix more bugs (please help me find them!) and focus on improving the code base as well as reducing the plugin size.

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About the license

I decided to make Retour for Kirby a free plugin and not require an additional license to be bought. However, of course the development is a commitment and effort. If you use it in a commercial project or you want to support its development in general, please consider to give back. Thank you.

Commercial usage and support development :yellow_heart:

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Thoughts? I copied and pasted from the readme

Since I’m not really great with composer and only tried to follow the pluginkit instructions, @lukasbestle: Could it be that this happens because so far there are only betas released?

Cheers @distantnative, same here, yesterday was my first time using it, updated my site to be composer compatible, this was the 2nd plugin I tried to install. Hopefully @lukasbestle can point in right direction :slight_smile:

Yep, Composer has a notion of package “stability”. By default, the minimum stability is “stable”, which does not support betas.

@DanielRivers You can change the setting like this in your site’s composer.json:

  "minimum-stability": "beta"

Please note that you will then also receive betas of other packages. As far as I know, there is no way around that.

Different error:

That‘s not inside the require array, but on the top level of the JSON.

  "minimum-stability": "beta",
  "require": {
    "getkirby/cms": "^3.0",
    "blankogmbh/kirby-git-commit-and-push-content": "^3.0.0-beta.1"

Back to the error above

[InvalidArgumentException] Could not find a matching version of package distantnative/retour-for-kirby. Check the package spelling, your version constraint and that the package is available in a stability which matches your minimum-sta bility (beta).

@distantnative Have you published the package on Packagist?

In what corner do I have to go to be ashamed of having no clue about composer? :see_no_evil: I haven’t. Can we add this step to the pluginkit guide? I’ll try to do that now.

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It’s submitted, so maybe now?

It’s already in there under “Publish your plugin”, but the text styles in Notion are a bit confusing. I hope it will be more visible on the site. :slight_smile:

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Beta 3 is here

A lot of refactoring has happened since beta 2 - mainly so I can hopefully avoid it after the 1.0.0 release. This means that you have to throw away your old logs now, but - crossing fingers - not down the road (and if at 1.x, I’ll find a way to migrate).

  • Reduced size drastically by moving to Chartist library
  • Confirm clearing logs via dialog
  • Faster API calls
  • Status indicator in HTTP status code select field
  • Added reload button
  • Added German translation
  • Fixed composer support
  • Lots of fixes to redirect and fails tracking

Will be happy to get some more tester before the final release. Also more ideas!

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Support development :yellow_heart:


I will give this a go ASAP, thanks for sorting!

Boom! thanks. I will let you now how I get on :slight_smile: