"Rate limit exceeded" error message when log in


One of my customer try to connect to a Kirby 3.6 website I’ve made recently and he get a “Rate limit exceeded” error message.

I do not have this problem from my computer.

If he tries to connect with a wrong login/psw, is it an expected error message after several attempts?

Does anyone have a possible explanation?

This message is thrown in 2locations, in the validateEmail() method and in the verifyChallenge() method. Since your customer is loggin in with email, not with code, I assume it comes from the validateEmail() method when the IP is blocked after too many attempts to log in.

Yep, Kirby limits login attempts by IP address and by email address. This is also why you don’t get the same error from your IP address and with your email address.

You can reset the rate limit by deleting the site/accounts/.logins file on the server.

Thanks @texnixe and @lukasbestle for these explanations. I think my customer tried to connect with a wrong log/psw, I will check closer with him.