Panel login - Too many redirects

Hey guys,

last weekend I had to make a clean install of my system and I’m trying to setup everything as it used to be. Just tried to login to my local Kirby dev environment to the panel. And I’m running into a “Too many redirects” error.

My post-StarWars brain can’t figure out why, so I thought I’m just throwing it out as a question: Any idea why? Maybe someone of you has already encountered this problem as well and knows how to solve it.

Is your rewrite base set?

Yea, that didn’T change it. However, replacing some files with a new starterkit did. Wondering if it might have been related to file permissions.

@distantnative: Could you elaborate on the files you replaced? I have the same issue and can;t find the culprit so far…

Pretty much the .htaccess, index.php, kirby and panel folder and I think, since it was just my Kirby test site, I also replaced the subfolders accounts, blueprints, snippets and templates in the site folder. Since you probably have data inside them crucial for your project, I’d suggest to start with the first ones and see if that already solves it for you as well. I never really figured out what really caused the problem.

At my setup I needed to change access rights for site/accounts/-files.

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@bastianallgeier Would be nice to get the usual access rights error message but an endless redirect though.

I had the same problem a few weeks ago… check if your account folder is writeable and have the right permissions. Fixed it for me :slightly_smiling:

I actually fixed this in 2.2.3 Do you use the latest version already?

This started happening for me only after upgrading to 2.2.3 from 2.1. And it only happen in production, not locally.

Hmmm…turns out I just set everything to be owned by my web server user and that fixed it. Not sure which file was having a problem, because none of the ones I tried fixing helped.

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Same issue here.
In my case fixing the permissions for the hidden file ‘.logins’ inside the site/accounts/ folder did the trick.

I finally found a good fix for this, which will be included in 2.3.0
I’m really sorry for the issue!!

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I had the same issue when running kirby 2.3.0 on an external hard drive today.
No problem when running on the built-in hard drive.
I don’t know the reason, so just switched hard drive.

I’m having the same problem since updating to 2.3.0. Nothing of the possible solutions above worked for me. It did work until 2.3.0

Update: It works locally!

Have you fixed the permissions of the accounts folder on the server?

The permissions are 755. I guess this is ok?

I’ve tried to fall back to Kirby 2.2.3 (replaced the Kirby and Panel folders) and it works like a charm

Are all files within the folder also set to 755?

That’s actually very strange as Kirby 2.3 was supposed to fix the issue.

Yep. All are 755. .logins and the file for my user.

I’ve updated to 2.3.0 again and the endless redirects are back again.

Maybe @bastianallgeier can help? :slight_smile: