Quick fix to exclude headline and info fields from structure table style?

Hi there,

I’m a big fan of the structure field and I’m building actually an event list with it. Thanks to the table style it’s much more usable for me and my NGO project. But It doesn’t exclude automatically fields with no values from my field set:

I know this seems to be a “bug”, because it’s something caused by the ultraflexible system of Kirby ;-).
But is there a quick fix to exclude headline and info field?
I tried to find any kind of “field type” value in the structure field but it seems like that it doesn’t get any information of the type of data and it’s values. And I can’t wait for the next release for this bugfix… :’-(


There’s already a feature request about this over on GitHub, together with a possible solution until this is integrated into the Panel in a future version.

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Wow, awesome! That’s exactly what I’ve been searching for - and it’s really much more. The solution is better than I’ve imagined! Thank you!