Hidden not working with structure field

I am new to Kirby and have been trying out version 2.4.1 butI think I have found a bug with the structure field. When applying hidden to a field in a structure with a style:table the field is noe hidden in the table but the field is hidden in the popup.

Am I doing something wrong with implementation? Below is a test I have run to verify the problem.

label: Page Options
type: structure
style: table
label: Sub Title
type: text
label: Description
type: text
label: Image
type: hidden

Yeah, looks like that does not work as expected. What is the purpose of having a hidden field in this context?

I have several pages that are nearly identical. The differences being one or two additional fields in the table. I created a separate blueprint for each set of pages and was planning to use a global field definition and extend it to add the needed fields in the table.
I was able to add the additional fields and the data is stored to the correct .txt file, but I was not able to access the new field data from the template. So I thought I would add the fields to the global field and then use hidden panel type to show or hide the fields in the blueprints as needed. This creates the results that lead me to create the OP.
My current workaround is to use two nearly identical blueprints without the global field definition. With this I am able to achieve what I initially set out to do.

I created an issue on GitHub: https://github.com/getkirby/panel/issues/1003 nonetheless.

This is now fixed on the development branch.