Blueprint hidden type

According to the documentation: ‘The hidden field makes it possible to keep fields in content files without actually making them editable or even visible in panel forms.’

This would lead me to believe that any fields that are not included in the blueprint, would be erased when a page is saved. As far as I can see, this does not seem to be the case though: values contained in my content files that do not have blueprint field are not deleted on save.

Is this a bug? And if not, how could I achieve this?

I believe fields not present in the blueprint used to be erased, but starting with Kirby 2.2.3 they’re now kept.

Edit: Since 2.2.2, “Additional fields in content files are no longer removed by updates”

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However, the new feature in Kirby 2.2.2 is only to prevent accidental deletion and shouldn’t be used deliberately.
It is still useful to use the hidden field so that you know that the field is still being used and for what. For me blueprints are the first source for information on content structure and hidden fields for “unchangeable content” help with that a lot.