Blueprint and text file relationship

Hello, i’m discovering kirby and love it, i’m learnng a lor from it, thanks for your work.
I have a little question that bother me a bit, is it normal that, if a blueprint doesnt have some content fields that are existing in the attached txt file (for exemple a date string that i just added to the text file, but not in the bp) and i save the page from the panel, the date string disapear from the txt file?

I have learnt with the docs so i didn’t used the panel in the beginning to understand the logic behind this cms better, but know that i noticed that i come to the conclusion that when we start using the panel, we can’t ommit any field in the related blueprint for any txt file.

Yes, you understood it right. This is an important difference between using the Panel or editing the text files.
Put another way:

  • As long as you edit your text files without the Panel, every post can have any number of fields. They don’t have to share the same fields, you could create a field for just one single post. In a way, every post is its own different content type.
  • The Panel enforces this concept of content type, where every content using a blueprint has exactly the same fields as the others. If a text file has a field that is not in the blueprint, it is indeed deleted when you save it in the Panel.

I think the idea is that editing text files is aimed towards those who know what they do when they create fields and can edit their templates accordingly, and the Panel is more aimed towards end users who only edit contents using ready-made fields.

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Hello, thanks a lot for your answer, everything is clear now!