Question about Kirby CLI

Hello everyone,

I’m in a trouble installing CLI with composer,
I already have composer installed on my Win OS for other purposes, but now reading about it for Kirby context…

this phrase:

Make sure to place the…
…directory in your PATH so the kirby executable can be located by your system.

I’m wondering, what is my PATH?

thanks in advance for every reply

Basically the PATH is the places the system should look for an executable when you run commands from the terminal or the command line. The path you posted above is a mac / linux style path which wont work since your on windows.

Windows has an equivalent system called environment variables, and there is a guide here to setting them for composer.

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Thanks a lot @jimbobrjames,

In this case I assume I’m already ok,
I thought was related to some kind of kirby installation path or similar :sunglasses:

Well, if it warns you it doesnt know what to do with the command when you try and work with the CLI, then either the path hasnt been set or the path is incorrect.

No, Composer is a popular third party tool for installing PHP packages and executables. A lot of things use it, not just Kirby CLI.

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Many thanks, now It’s clear

maybe I’m again in a trouble ahhaah :sweat_smile:

C:\Users\kitzunegari>kirby install supersite

Installing the starterkit...
Downloading from:

In Util.php line 50:

  Download failed:

install [-k|--kit [KIT]] [--dev] [--] [<path>]

Unfourtantly im not on Windows. However, i just ran the CLI on my mac and it worked fine so there is no problem with the download.

I think this is possibly a permissions issue since you are trying to install directly into the root of your user folder. I would suggest making a folder called “sites” in the root of your C: drive (C:\sites) and storing your projects in subfolders in there instead. You can then point Wamp at the these folders, or whatever you are using as a local server.

Windows protects files under your user folder, i think the CLI is failing to save & unpack the zip file to that location because it does not have permission to do so (since it’s not you doing it).

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sure @jimbobrjames but then I modified the path with the exaclty folder /cms/ under WAMP …
You said right!

Windows :persevere: