Trouble installing the Kirby CLI

Hi there. After some effort, I’ve (I think) installed composer, via brew… and I think I’ve installed the CLI as well, but it says command not found when I try to use it. I’m assuming it has something to do with this:

Make sure to place the…
…directory in your PATH so the kirby executable can be located by your system.

I’m really not sure what sentences like this mean. What is my PATH? How do I put things into it? I start reading something like this and seriously my eyes are glazing over. Can someone dumb this down for me? For the sake of others too. Thank you!

EDIT: One of my dear friends told me to use this command:
export PATH=$PATH:~/.composer/vendor/bin
This worked. I don’t know why, but that’s okay. I hope this will help others in the future.

It would make sense to put this command into your bash profile (.bashrc, .bash_profile or .profile, depending on your system), otherwise the path will be gone again once you close your terminal.

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Thanks. I’m on mac and this was located at ~/.bash_profile