CLI Kirby Command not found

i know that is not the first thread with this problem but I’m a little bit overhelmed.
I am hosting on Uberspace there I installed composer in /bin. O all HTML-Files should installed in /html.
Where i have to install the Kirby CLI? in /bin or HTML?
If I install it in /bin and run ‘kirby install’ I get the error command not found.
So what have Ito do to get Kirby work with his CLI?



after installing composer in $HOME/bin with

curl -sS | php – --filename=composer --install-dir=$HOME/bin

you can install the CLI with

php $HOME/bin/composer global require getkirby/cli

This comand installs the kirby client in $HOME/.composer/vendor/bin.

To use the CLI comands of kirby, add following line to your .bash_profile

export PATH=$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH

After a logout / login, you can use the kirby comand where ever you want.


Hello @abroess,
I have done the whole process you have mentioned, but in the /html folder I can’t use kirby install because I get the command not found error.
It is strange and I’m at my wit’s end.

Hopefully the uberspace support can help me.

Hi Jan,

did you a logout / login after adding the path to the .bash_profile ?

No I haven’t. I’ll do it if this could solve the problem.
I’ll report it later.

EDIT: Thank you very much @abroess! Now it works well.