Kirby CLI with Zsh

I just installed Kirby CLI, but at the moment it doesn’t work with Zsh. When I try to use a command I get zsh: command not found: kirby
The CLI seems to be installed correctly as it works with bash. But no luck with Zsh so far.

Before anyone asks, I added ~/.composer/vendor/bin to my PATH, as explained on the CLI page on Github.

Am I missing something?

How did you add it to your PATH?

Do you see it when using echo $PATH in zsh?

Can’t remember how I added it, bu I do see it when I echo $PATH: /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php7.0.0/bin:~/.composer/vendor/bin:/usr/local/bin(…)

Tried it on OSX with both Bash and zsh, didn’t have this problem.

Kirby was installed correctly, and ls -l ~/.composer/vendor/bin does show you a kirby symlink? And ls -l ~/.composer/vendor/getkirby/cli shows that the kirby file has executable permissions?

Yes, everything seems correctly installed. Probably some oddity in my ZSH install… Thank you for your suggestions!

Edit: if I use ~/.composer/vendor/bin/kirby instead of kirby it works, so it’s just the shortcut that doesn’t work.

Edit 2: after a bit of stackoverflowing (it’s a verb now, right?) I found that if I use $HOME/.composer/vendor/bin instead of ~/.composer/vendor/bin in my $PATH it works. No idea why, but it kinda solves the problem.
Thank you @fvsch, your hints put me on the right track.