Public pages don't work, after installing a theme on an online server

Hi there!

I’m able to install and run a theme on my localhost. No problems.

But when I try to do the same on my online server, it crashes. I can still access the panel, login and change stuff around, but all the visible public pages are blank. No errors appear.

Since it works on my computer, I assume it’s something related to the server. Is this common? Which settings I need to change/enable on the server side?

Thank you!

Do you get any errors after activating debug? ->

And what theme are you using?

I was checking the console, didn’t knew I had to activate the debug. Thanks!

So, I get this line:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/dqueiros/public_html/site/snippets/header.php on line 28.

And on the file, this is the line:
$firstBgColor = array_values($bgColorsList)[0][‘bgcolor’];

I’m not that familiar with PHP, but it looks fine. Any ideias?

@texnixe, I’m using Colors.

Okay, so I went back to my server options, I chose PHP 5.4 (instead of 5.3). And now, when I load the page, everything seems to be blank, but its not.

The background is not loading properly, so since the text is white, you don’t see a thing. But if you scroll a bit, the background appears.

Any suggestions on what to change? Force the page to load the background, somehow?