NEWBIE NEED HELP : Issues with my theme when I put it online 😞

Hello to all the community,

I’m fully newbie in CMS / PHP etc. So I’ve decided to learn with making a website for someone, with a problem of timing I do it with the Shuffle Theme ( Adana ) made by Aristo theme ( but I think my issue isn’t comming from the theme made by Levent ) ,during the developement I running my website on a MAMP server with no problem.


I’ve put my whole folder on my FTP -> FileZilla on my OVH server . But when i try to go on my website they say that :

*The page is currently offline … blabla *

Advice for developers and administrators:
Change the PHP version to 7.2, 7.3 or 7.4 (PHP 7.3 or 7.4 are recommended)

I’ve verify that the htaccess file is on it, and turn the config.php on true
( don’t know why ahah but i’ve seen that olved many issues apparently, as i say I’m tottally newbie )

After that, I’ve check on my OVH panel for verifying that they run the good php version and this is setup on PHP 7.3 ( capture behind )

So I understand nothing for the moment and if someone can help me, I will pay her or him a beer if one day this person come to France ( the reason of my poor english )

Greetings :pray:

Could you enable debug in config.php?

Yes, It’s done :slight_smile:

Didn’t help much…

Can you double check that the .htaccess file starts with a dot?

You could also try upgrading PHP to 7.4, and ultimately see if your hosting has all the required extensions by uploading a info.php file containing <?php phpinfo(); ?>

Does the project maybe sit in a subfolder where the PHP version is not applied? Kirby’s setup checks the PHP version and thinks that you are on a different PHP version. After all, this config says that SSL is enabled but the website is not on HTTPS.

Thanks for your reply both of you,

I’ve disabled the SSL certificate. And I’ve added a info.php on it, and I don’t understand why it said that the website is running on PHP Version 5.4.45 …


I add a capture of my folder hierarchy on FTP ->

Did I can do something for figure this issue ?

Thanks in advance

So that is at least confirmed.

This config dialog in your control panel has those three dots… Where do you get when you click on those? I’m pretty sure you will be able to set a PHP version per folder there. Otherwise I’d check there documentation how to change the PHP version.

Are you on their shared hosting or using a VPS?

By the way: We have a new Kirbycast channel:

The first two intro videos are already online, more will follow in the coming days/weeks.

I f i Click on these dots I just go back to the root but maybe i dont understand …
And sorry but cause I’m beginning in Php I don’t know how to set a php version per folder :slight_smile:

I use their shared hostingi think, quite long time since I subscribed

Thanks for your responses and for the link to your new YT channel

Check out their documentation:

Maybe that helps.

Ok I’ve changed the PHP version but now I’ve a panick attack when i try to run my website ahah


Maybe that’s normal ahah but id’ont know what is it so …

Looks like the page called header doesn’t exist

Thks gonna try to fix all these things

So I inspect my whole structure, the home page works apparently but Style won’t charge and it’s impossible to reach the other page. It seem that only the index run …

I’m done for today,

In any case thanks

Have you uploaded the .htaccess file? It’s an invisible file so you might have missed it when uploading the files.

Yes it’s on it :slight_smile:

Does the .htaccess have any effect? What happens if you put any random characters right at the top? Will the homepage still load or do you get an error?

Yes this file have effect, it show an error page if I add some random character.

The person who made the theme tell me that he used some Less PHP compil and maybe the issue is with OVH not with the structure.

On some other forum people say that I have to install composer on my SSH but with the offer that I have Idon’t have access to it.

So if this issue come from the ideas that I said in lines on top, it seems that I have to change to another hosting service … some money lose

Did the community know with which hosting service these kind of theme ( compil less php, composer , kirby ready blabla ) work perfectly ?


Is Less compilation really needed server-side? Why?

You now installed the Starterkit, and while the styles work here, subpages don’t work. So I suspect that rewriting is not enabled on the server. I think you should get in contact with the hosting provider for support how to enable that.