Php version problem : bootstrap?

hello, the bootstrap file generates the error message in my browser when I put it in fileZilla. But I don’t understand why because yet the php versions correspond with the host ovh (see screenshot)

“This page is currently offline. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and will fix it as soon as possible. Advice for developers and administrators:
Change the PHP version to 7.3, 7.4 or 8.0 (PHP 7.4 is recommended)”

Hi, @Toto_Goumarre ,
sometimes, I have been bitten by a similar problem, me too. In this case it would perhaps help to verify that the PHP version setting is indeed 7.3.
Where does that screeshot “Configuration Version PHP globale 7.3” come from? Can you get the phpinfo() from the very host where you try to run Kirby? Perhaps is this not the same PHP version as where your screenshot comes from.

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Thanks for your feedback,
The screenshot “PHP 7.3” configuration coming from OVH (web host for Kirby) is therefore the same version as that show in the “bootstrap” part of the code.

Please create a phpinfo.php file with the following content in the root of your kirbyfolder



Then open this file in your browser.

But that’s your local PHP version, not the version used on your remote host.

the page does not open…

You have to put that file into your project golder, not the Kirby folder

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Indeed, thank you!

How to modify the php ?

Not familiar with the OVH admin panel, but you can certainly find that information in their documentation or contact customer support.

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