Profile pic not updating

Hi again. Another problem: The profil pic is not updating. Any ideas?
Thank You!

Is there any error message in the upper right corner? BTW you don’t have to save when uploading an image.

after saving there’s a green smilie - no error

No, I meant when uploading. Please do an upload without clicking the save button.

Ok. Checked the console:

Hm. No ideas? Anybody?

Have you tried with different images?

Yes. png, gif, jpg … nothing happens
Theres is no folder like “users/kramer” … and if I creating this folder he won’t show me the user site anymore

Can you upload files to normal page folders?

User accounts are located in /site/accounts, btw. And avatars are saved to /assets/avatars. If the folder didn’t exist, Kirby (or rather the Panel) would complain.

You are on a Mac, do you use MAMP oder the built-in server?

I believe I deleted some folders… or I don’t know what happened. Thank for Your reply. The /assets/avatars/ folder was missing. Now it’s working.

For my minimalistic blog Kirby is perfect. Fast as hell with activated cache and some htaccess things ^^
Later, I will buy the private licence. Thanks for Your fast help!

You are very welcome :slight_smile:. I’m just irritated why the Panel does not complain. Maybe it just checks if the folder exists at installation time, but never after. Need to check that… :thinking: