Can't upload avatar

Hello. The panel will not accept an image when I try to upload a user avatar. There’s no message. It just doesn’t show up in the File section. This is for a user which uses a custom role. But I can’t upload a avatar for any users (custom role or not).

Any insight? I’m running v2.5.9

Maybe its a folder permissions issue? What happens if you manually add the image via the filesystem and reload the panel?

Have you checked your error logs? (PHP/Apache/etc).

I’m sure i had as similar issue along time ago with an earlier version of Kirby, but i forget the cause/solution. Try searching the forum.

Thanks for the reply. Where would I place the image to upload a user?

Put it in assets/avatars/yourusername.jpg

Make sure to name the file identically to the users username. Maybe this folder has wonky permissions or does not exist, meaning Kirby cannot write to it.

Yep. You got it. I didn’t have the avatar folder in place. Thanks!!!