Upload image doesn't work from panel

I’m having weird upload issues in the panel that I can’t figure out when/why happen: with some images (at first I thought it was a size issue, but tried different variations and still happens) when I upload either by dragging or via “Add” it shows the quick upload white top bar and then nothing, no smiley. The file doesn’t appear in the files list nor in the FTP folder.

The debug gives me this error:

If a file won’t upload, it won’t work if I change name, nor if I delete the existing images, log out and delete cache and try again. Sometimes is the first one I try to upload, sometimes no. The only way it works is if I upload it directly in the content folder via FTP.

I’m using Gallery fields but that shouldn’t be affecting. Any clue? Thank you,

If I get you right, sometimes uploading via the Panel does in fact work?

Is this the error message you get when the upload fails?

This error seems to be thrown at Panel launch and is thrown when there is a route error.

Does this error persist if you disable your plugins? Is the Gallery field the only plugin you use?

Thank you for replying: yes, most of the images upload work from the panel. Say one every 8 fails and there’s no way to make it work, nor a common trait so I doubt it’s an image itself issue.

Yes, the error only appears after the failed upload (nothing on launch of the panel).

I’m only using Gallery field plugin and I’d to avoid disabling if possible for now, for content organization reasons.

Update: I disabled Gallery and the problem persisted.

Another interesting thing I tried that might help: I have this one image that wouldn’t upload (a simple screenshot), I tried to change name and format, with or without Gallery activated, always error. Then I cropped a couple of pixels out of it in my computer, keeping the same name, and the upload worked. Almost looks that the blueprint/metadata of the image itself was cached with an error on Kirby, once an upload fails Kirby prevents that same exact image to be uploaded again? Is that possible?

I don’t think so. I have never seen this kind of error before.

Have you tried with another browser or on another server? Does it work in your local development environment? When did the issue appear? Is this a new project or did it come up after an update from an earlier Kirby version?

Which Kirby version are you using? Which PHP version?