Kirby 2.4.0 Bug: user avatar


I think there is maybe a bug with the user avatar loader.

In the panel:
When I upload a profile picture “img1.jpg” in a user page, then save > no problem
If I try to replace the profile picture with another image “img2.jpg” then save > the preview thumbnail stay with “img1.jpeg” If I reload the page manually, the thumbnail from “img2.jpeg” appear but sometime not :-/.

In the front-end:
I have a front-end form to update a user profile for user logged in.
I use the Upload Kirby Class to upload the image avatar and similar weird behaviour happen.

I didn’t try with a clean Kirby install, only with my project which contain plugins, custom fields …

Could you please provide some more information about your system? OS, server, PHP version…

I use a cloud VPS as a dev environment.

  • System = Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Server = Apache/Nginx reverse proxy/ php-fpm 7.0 (I use the Serverpilote service:
  • Browser: Chrome, Firefox (Linux)

Some caching issue maybe?

Yes because when I delete the image on my server manually, sometime I still see this image in the panel as user avatar …

Do you think it’s coming from my server stack cache or from Kirby cache?

If I change the avatar in my local test environment, the avatar is immediately exchanged, so I would assume that this is some sort of server side caching not related to Kirby?

Ok I will test on another environment later. Thanks